My name is Kibira Njoroge. I am a fitness enthusiast that loves to train, learn, and help others. As a coach, I expect just as much from myself as I do my clients. Your choice in hiring me means I will be here for you 100% of the entire way. This also means I expect you to work hard and be patient towards reaching your goals.


2018 marks the 13th year I've been strength training. Like a lot of you reading this, I've been at incredible low points during my fitness journey. Unsure of how to diet, how to train, how much cardio I should do.  I've even had incredibly BAD rebounds from dieting the wrong way.


Through real world experience, past mentor-ships, and a passion for what I do, my goal is to be a complete resource and guide to achieving your long term goals.


Don't be afraid to ask me ANYTHING.