When signing up for my first natural bodybuilding competition, dieting and posing were the two most daunting challenges of the prep. Kibira helped me every step of the way, from setting me up with a macro plan, adjusting macros along the way,  making sure I was in my peak conditioning when it came to being stage ready and even helped me master posing. Day in and day out, he was there to help me along the way, whether it be small advice to make me better or a life lesson, there was no lack of effort on his part to put me in the best conditioning to date. Not only does he help clients get in shape but, he constantly practices what he preaches, which is exactly what you want in a coach.

~Eric Custadio

"I honestly couldn’t have picked a better coach to prep me for my first ever bodybuilding show. The way Kibira displays his passion for what he does makes the ride enjoyable. When the going gets tough talking to Kibira made the biggest difference. Ready to go at any time, he was super flexible working with my schedule. He is a one stop coach, meaning he will cover macronutrients and posing which is rare. Another valuable tool is that he himself has prepped for the stage so he knows first hand what you are going through. In this sport you need brutal honesty and when it's time to work he isn't a friend anymore he is a coach. He takes pride in his work and if you're willing to push, you will find yourself in the craziest shape. I have no problem referring people to him whether its for the stage or general fitness because I fully trust his methods and have witnessed them first hand.  "

~Eduardo Cruz

"I have been working with Kibira for about 9 months now and my experience with him has been nothing short of amazing. I cannot begin to describe my experience with him in only a few sentences, but for starters, he has provided me with valuable knowledge, constant support and honesty, patience to no end, and always will do what is best for my current fitness goal. I have instilled full trust in him from the very beginning, and this was a major hurdle to do for myself coming from an ED recovery. The magnitude of progression in my physique is beyond impressible, but so is the expansion of mental perseverance I have acquired since working with him. I cannot thank Kibira enough for everything he has done for me, and for where we are headed currently. I worked with him through my improvement season, and currently we are on contest prep to hopefully turn pro this Spring. Kibira will be there for you to answer all your questions, motivate you to perform your best, listen to your concerns, celebrate your accomplishments, and put to rest any nerves you may have. I will never question his abilities in his expertise in training and nutrition, and I can’t wait to continue my prep with him! Without Kibira, I wouldn’t be the athlete that I am today!"

~Amanda Donahue

"Working with Kibira was one of the best decisions I've made in terms of my fitness journey. I was in a rut, bored with my workouts and utterly unmotivated before I chose to hire him as a coach. Since then, I have learned more than I could have imagined and built the body (&mindset) that I had always wanted with his guidance on proper nutrition and training. He taught me to trust the process and to be patient with progress - results do not come over night, but with consistency and dedication, anything is possible!"

~Ali Foss



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